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How to care for your wedding accessories

Ok Ladies there is one big killer for your sparkles for your big day and that is hairspray!! Simply stay away from it!

I know it is so tempting to give your hair an extra shot of the sticky stuff to keep all strays in place all day but it is the single biggest element that will dull your crystals. It leaves a thin coating all over the surface and can make metalwork tarnish. So below are some handy tips on how to keep sparkling!

Every 5 minutes remind your hairstylist not to come near your jewels with that spray and I mean nag! It's just to easy for them to forget and swoosh that's it a film on your tiara. Take control. (Sorry to any hairdressers who are reading this, but trust me the number of problems this causes is massive)

Keep your products in the packaging we sent them in. Why because we have carefully selected materials that we know will not cause items to tarnish. It's the reason acid-free tissue was invented.

Do not spray perfumes directly or around this jewellery as this will cause damage and discolouring

To clean wipe with a soft, lint free cloth

Do not use cleaning liquids

Keep away from direct sunlight

Keep in a cool dry place

Store in your Halo & Co box with protective pouch when not worn

Love your jewels and they will love you back for many years to come.

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