Frequently asked questions

What's the minimum Order?

The minimum to open an account with Halo & Co requires you purchase 6 headpieces to open an account. Hair pins and jewellery do not account in this total. We want to build and grow with you so we try and help where ever we can so ask us if something isnt going to work for you we will always try and work something out that works for us both x

Do you offer exclusivity?

This is out most asked question and something over 27 years we have tried many approaches and atempts at. We feel that we have on point now! We know exclusivity is important to you and we need to balance that with sales and surrending an area so as much as we can this is always up for review and discussion with indiviuals but below is what we outline: Area 10 miles of brand exclusivity we are not having sub lables or difusion collections. You get the brand support and image useage and we will support you as a kew stockist. This however means we need commitment from you to us as well so we ask that you order new stock twice a year of at least 5 new pieces per collection.

How will you support me?

Every year we have one high end photoshoot which you can use and promote stocking Halo & Co. We offer you an anual unattended trunk show event Our official suplier Logo Designs that sell Support from a knowledgable family run company and we care!!

What are your payment terms?

When you open an account we ask that you pay in full before the goods are shipped after that you have a 30 day account which is reviewed anually, so if you stick to the terms you have 30 days from the invoice date. We do accept cards and some stores just like to pay for orders on line but its up to you. Debit cards and bank transfers are free but we do charge 3% for credit cards. (I am sorry I hate that as well!)