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Ok Ladies there is one big killer for your sparkles for your big day and that is hairspray!! Simply stay away from it!

I know it is so tempting to give your hair an extra shot of the sticky stuff to keep all strays in place all day but it is the single biggest element that will dull your crystals. It leaves a thin coating all over the surface and can make metalwork tarnish. So below are some handy tips on how to keep sparkling!

Every 5 minutes remind your hairstylist not to come near your jewels with that spray and I mean nag! It's just to easy for them to forget and swoosh that's it a film on your tiara. Take control. (Sorry to any hairdressers who are reading this, but trust me the number of problems this causes is massive)

Keep your products in the packaging we sent them in. Why because we have carefully selected materials that we know will not cause items to tarnish. It's the reason acid-free tissue was invented.

Do not spray perfumes directly or around this jewellery as this will cause damage and discolouring

To clean wipe with a soft, lint free cloth

Do not use cleaning liquids

Keep away from direct sunlight

Keep in a cool dry place

Store in your Halo & Co box with protective pouch when not worn

Love your jewels and they will love you back for many years to come.

1. Becoming a popular accessory not just for brides, but for many occasions is the tiara, but there is a trick to wearing them. It just takes a little knowledge on how to pick out the right tiara, know where to wear it, and with what. Set it further back on the head for an updated look.

2. 2019 is most certainly the year of the tiara. It is the must-have bridal and fashion headwear trend of the year. Why? Because who doesn't want to be a princess? and with 2018 seeing Royal weddings galore it's made us all feel a little bit Royal. The great news is you can now be seen sporting your tiara out and about for any occasion!

Tiara Time!

3. With so many shapes and styles, this accessory works so well with a myriad of dress shapes and styles. From slimline lace to full on party frock.

4. It literally goes with any hairstyle from bangs to braids, up-dos to loose waves but make sure you keep your hair fresh and modern. This look is about updating the tiara look.

5. A-list celebrities have been spotted wearing this trend on red carpet events. Rita Ora turned heads when she was seen wearing a tiara at the star-studded V-Magazine Paris Fashion Week party. To move away from looking too princess-y Rita teamed her tiara with an embellished denim jacket and a top with a plunging neckline.

6. Layer it! This subtle effect suddenly makes the whole thing current. Pair it with a satin bow band or a crystal strip.

Simple Crystal band, perfect for layering

7. When else do you get to wear a Tiara?

8. As Wedding Dresses have become straighter, simpler and more modern the tiara is having a resurgence among trend-savvy brides. Wearing a tiara and statement earrings is the perfect finishing touch to add a modern sense of drama.

9: With veils being left off in 2019 the tiara replaces the need for anything else. The perfect twist of traditional elements meet modern is what 2019 is about.

10: The last and final reason is they suit everyone. Tall short in the middle it really doesn't matter there is a tiara for you. Check out our Crowns & Tiara page.










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